Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Presentation Collaboration: Google's new addition

 The Official Google Blog is reporting that Google is about to role out a collaborative presentation application. This application would complete a suite of applications (with Spreadsheets and Docs) that allow people to work on a project in real time.

I wrote about the value of Docs back in December as a collegue and I were working on a document together from several thousand miles away.  The new presentation product will presumably give us the same benefits.

From the Google post:

We've already freed those of you working in teams from the burdens of version control and email attachment overload when going back and forth on word processing and spreadsheets. It just made sense to add presentations to the mix; after all, when you create slides, you're almost always going to share them. Now students, writers, teachers, organizers, and, well, just about everyone who uses a computer can look forward to having real-time, web-based collaboration across even more common business document formats.

This certainly isn't a tool I'd use every day, but it's a handy one for the toolbox.  No word yet of an official release date.

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