Friday, April 13, 2007

Collaboration: Box.Net Storage Widgets

Sometimes it would be great to have a place to keep all of your team documents, policy guides and templates in once place where everyone on your team could find them?

Yesterday, an online storage service company, released a new widget that essentially functions as a public folder for your website, blog page or wherever else you'd like to embed it.  Unlike services that just warehouse your files is trying to leverage the social networking space to make your data more usable to more people.  Check out the article and example in TechCrunch and this MySpace page for working copies. 

Embed the widget and you get a flash-based widget that provides easy access to shared files.  You can easily share audio, video or other documents.  Media is automatically played when clicked.

You can also password protect access and users can also upload their content with the pro and premium versions of the service.

This is another tool with great collaborative potential.  On your missions website you could easily add a box like this were important, and regularly edited, documents were kept.

In this example I've uploaded a policy document and copies of registration certificates our team might frequently use. 

There are obviously a hundred other ways to do the same thing (FTP, Wikis, etc) this one is very, very simple to implement.  As you can see in the drop-down box above, you can also subscribe to the "folder" through RSS if that works for you. gives 1GB accounts away for free, other services apply at different price points.



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