Monday, December 11, 2006

Newsgator products on sale

I’ve been using Newsgator as my “feed reader” for quite a while now.  I’ve settled on Newsgator Inbox, which plugs right into Microsoft Outlook, because it best suits my needs for my low/no/slow bandwidth situation in Kosovo where I normally live.  Now that I’m in the US I find myself using Newsgator’s own site to feed-read as it naturally includes all the graphics that are turned off by default in NGInbox. 

It doesn’t matter though, because wherever I read my feeds they stay synchronized.  That is, if I mark something marked in one Newsgator product, they automatically get marked “read” in the other products.  This really works out well if you travel a lot, or are plagued with lousy Internet from time to time.

According to this forum post Newsgator products are now $10 off through the end of the year.  Just use coupon code NGHoliday when you order.  Their catalog really has a number of great offerings, from web-based feed-readers like FeedDemon to mobile solutions, to my favorite, Inbox.  Most of these products are around $30, so this is a pretty good time to grab one of these products if you want to read all your blogs, feeds or gather your podcasts in one place.

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