Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gmail disaster: mass deletions

TechCrunch is reporting that an unknown number of users have had all their Gmail deleted...everything in the account.

The first message, posted on the Google Groups forum on December 19, stated “Found
my account clean..nothing in Inbox, contacts ,sent mail..How can all
these information residing in different folders disappear? ..How to
write to gmail help team to restore the it possible?..Where
to report this abuse?.Any help ..Welcome..Thanks in advance ps101″

Other Gmail users then added to the conversation, saying that their
emails had been deleted as well. Most of the users reported using
Firefox 2.0 and that Gmail was open in their browser when the deletions

Good's official policy is evidently that deleted mail can't be recovered. If you are using Gmail as your only and/or primary email account you should follow this issue either at TechCrunch or the Google thread.

I user Gmail, but I use it through a pop3 connector and receive it in Outlook. That way I stay responsible for my own email. Anyone notice any missing mail? Oh, by the way, you have to read the comments at TechCrunch...they're a hoot.

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