Thursday, August 17, 2006

Getting Things Done...various tools

I’m a big fan of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done,” which is a powerful time-management/productivity methodology.  This week Jason Clark from the Downloadsquad writes a two-part article on GTD.  Specifically, he compares using Microsoft Outlook versus web-based products as your “organizer”  Both posts are worth the read if you’re into GTD.

Part One

Part Two

In summary, Jason like the online options, citing the strength of having your “stuff” anywhere you might want it.  It’s also pretty robust, can’t be stolen, etc. The downside, and this is the killer for me and most missionaries I know, is how reliant on internet connectivity it is.  Until the whole world has broadband, and that will be a looonngg time, no web-based anything is going to be very useful.

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Trent said...

Hey friend. I am using GTD with the student leaders here at Nyack next week. Do you already have something done up on powerpoint? Just thought I would ask.

If you have a cell phone number, you need to send that to me, as well as your land line.