Saturday, February 04, 2006

How does your team coordinate schedules?

Our team in the Balkans is geographically distributed over wide region.  We have personnel in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia and use a wide range of internet connectivity options from dial-up, city-wide wireless and cable-modem.  Our field has tried a number of internet based calendaring options to help everyone coordinate the field-wide schedule.  None of them have really worked though.  People with dial-up have trouble with web-based apps, others aren’t geeky enough to see the point, etc. 


Web-based calendaring applications are nothing new, but in the last few days a number of people have been writing about something new called “30 Boxes.”  The beta is supposed to be released tomorrow (Sunday).  What do you use to coordinate scheduling over a geographically dispursed team that doesn’t’ have access to a central server? 


For more on “30 Boxes” check out these guys.  It looks pretty sweet.

Thomas Hawk


Download Squad






Mike said...

Hi! We use GatherGrid at to coordinate meetings, coordinate events, and find the best time for phone calls, etc. It's so easy to use - just click and send a link to attendees!

Jeff said...

Mike, that looks like a great service. Thanks for sending the link.