Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Online or off, Zoho Writer helps you get it done

Last week I was working on a learning contract for an intern due here next year.  I'm in Kosovo and he's in the US.  So I needed to use an online document collaboration tool so that we could work on the document together. Since our team has uses Google Apps on our domain, I naturally reached for Google Docs.  I uploaded my doc and took a quick look prior to sending the invites.  It looked horrible.

I was really surprised.  The document wasn't particularly complex. There were no any tables or complex formatting.  There were only a few things formatted with tabs.  The document just wasn't usable the way it appeared.  So I moved to what I thought was the second string...Zoho.  The document uploaded in a snap and looked fine.

About the same time I learned that Zoho now offers the ability to work with your documents both online and offline.  Thanks to their integration with Google Gears, you can now take your online documents with you. 

This video explains it well.

If you want to read more check out:




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Zoho is no longer second string in my book.  It's a first class tool that eclipses Google Docs on a number of levels.


arvind said...

Thanks a lot, Jeff! Keep using Zoho Writer. Also, click on the 'Switch To' link at the top of your Zoho Writer account and try using the other Zoho services :-)


Jim said...


I didn't come across Zoho until a few months ago and it has propelled me into cloud computing. Writer has been top notch for me. I also rely on Sheet pretty heavily but admit it's not quite a polished as Writer. Although I don't have much experience with it, I'm comfortable recommending's Buzzword (and other tools at the same site.)

Now if I could just find a free, unlimited storage photo site that doesn't resize hi-res photos (or charge to download the hi-res copies) or delete content for inactivity!

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