Monday, July 10, 2006

Marc writes a solid OneNote overview

Marc Orchant writes a solid overview of OneNote 2007’s capabilities.  Marc is one of my favorite bloggers for his balanced style, clear writing and broad perspective on software and productivity.  However this article feels like either it was heavily edited by MS editorial writers or Marc really turned up the geek-meter.  That is, it’s very geek-centric.  Even given that, if you struggle with organizing your information effectively, read the whole article.  OneNote is a powerful tool that I couldn’t do without.

I believe that one of the secrets of truly effective information management is establishing a single place in which you can collect and organize all your information, act on it, and share it with the people you collaborate with. Microsoft Office OneNote® 2007 provides just such an environment, and many of the enhancements and new features introduced in the 2007 Microsoft Office release make that environment more powerful than ever.

This article highlights the following capabilities offered by Office OneNote 2007 to collect, organize, search, and share the variety of information you can manage in this one application:
• Creating multiple notebooks to provide additional structure for your information system
• Recognizing text in images using the new Image Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability
• Integrating Office OneNote 2007 with Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to create a highly effective time and task management system
• Sharing Office OneNote 2007 notebooks as a real-time collaboration tool


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