Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sounds like a great jump start

I drank the cool-aid two years ago next month...and it's been great. Seriously, "Getting Things Done" is the only "time management" system I've ever used that provides me with the information I need when, and where I need it. Last month when first my Palm PDA died, followed by my laptop I was able to transition pretty seamlessly to a Moleskine notebook and a pencil. That's right, one of the powerful things about GTD is that it's technology independent. That can be key in the life of a missionary when you don't know when the electricity spirits may or may not smile.
I hope that I can actually attend one of these seminars while home in the US next year that one of the GTD Roadmap seminars while home in the US this next year.

GTD jump start by ZDNet's Marc Orchant -- I attended David Allen's Roadmap seminar in Santa Monica on Friday. This one-day seminar is a reformatting of the two-day Getting Things Done seminar I attended a few years ago and it has refreshed my enthusiasm for Getting Things Done in a couple of ways.

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Beth said...

So are you still going to get the laptop back eventually?