Friday, September 30, 2005

Download of the Day: Skype 1.4

In case you missed this, there is a new version of Skype out there, the nearly ubiquitous internet telephony program.  Skype is saving our missions thousands of dollars in phone bills.  A call to Macedonia from Kosovo, for instance, costs about a dollar a minute.  No more.  I can even Skype my bosses cell phone for far less than that.  In fact, Skype has forced our whole mission to begin to more aggressively underwrite the cost of internet for our personnel because of the downstream savings.  Good stuff.

Internet telephony application Skype version 1.4 is out of beta and ready for download, with new features that make it easier to make internet phonecalls easily on the cheap.

The new version includes support for call-forwarding from one Skype account to another for free and from Skype to up to three landlines or mobile phone numbers for as little as 2 cents a minute. Version 1.4 plays nice with Microsoft Outlook with an easy contact import and the ability to make one-click calls to numbers and names from Internet Explorer and Outlook. Skype 1.4 is a free download, Windows only.

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